Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to interview a string of local and 
international designers. Here's a taster:

Sara Blake at We Can Create 2011

Illustrator, designer and art director Sara Blake admitted to being quite nervous on stage at We Can Create, not that it was obvious to the audience. We grabbed the pint-sized New Yorker after her talk to discuss those nerves, that “oopsy” moment and why it’s better to jump into a project and get it wrong rather than to not do it at all.

James Jean at Semi-Permanent 2009

No one proposed to him when he was signing books—much to his disappointment. He had the audience and fellow speakers in awe, and its got nothing to do with his catchy name and youthful looks!

Dick Frizzell at Semi-Permanent 2010

After sharing the stage and banter with his son Otis, Dick took a moment to speak with us before he jetted off home. He talks about his “dirty commercial art background” and discusses his artful inflection into the Rugby World Cup branding.


Morag Myerscough at We Can Create 2011

This lady’s personality is as colourful as the clothing she wears and the external environments she designs. Myerscough describes her ideal canvas and discusses why not having a design formula has been the key to her success.

Jessica Hische at Semi-Permanent 2010

As unassuming and down to earth in person as she was in her presentation, illustrator and typographer Jessica Hische reveals to Design Daily her master plan for getting 50% off Karen Walker gear and tells us why sociology and psychology are deeply embedded in her illustrations.


Pixar’s Andrew Gordon at Semi-Permanent 2010

Pixar animator Andrew Gordon had every member of the audience transfixed under his animation spell and en route to our interview, politely posed for photo’s and signed autographs from awe-struck fans. Not that he’s letting any of it get to his head.  He tells us “once you feel like you’ve arrived, then you’ve got a problem”. He also lets us in on his love for Weta Digital and Weta Workshop.


Harry Pearce at Semi-Permanent 2009

Pentagram’s Harry Pearce discusses his passion for mixing his creative work with human rights project Witness. Then there’s the conversation he had with Te Radar involving Spike Milligan and gravestones.