Writer Deirdre Robert recently ventured into the world of freelance journalism after a two-and-a-half-year stint at Tangible Media, where she wrote for business magazine Idealog (voted ‘Business Magazine of the Year’ in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011and 2012 at the MPA Awards), and edited two websites.

Born in France to a French father and Irish mother, Deirdre moved to New Zealand in the 1980s. But while she was raised in New Zealand, her European routes have always fueled a sense of curiosity in her and over the years Deirdre has spent time living in Australia, America, Ireland, Romania and the wildly unique and remote Dawson City in the Yukon Territory of Canada. That same curiosity has driven her to explore a number of editorial subjects over her writing career, including business, sustainability, innovation, design, music, architecture, fashion, technology, green living and travel.

With a prior background in marketing, Deirdre made the move to journalism when she could no longer contain her writing urges.

Deirdre was the recipient of HB Media’s inaugural Idealog magazine/AUT scholarship—a paid internship that saw Deirdre work as video producer to create short videos on various New Zealand entrepreneurs for the Idealog website, while she completed her journalism studies. As well as meeting some of the country’s most forward thinking and innovative players, Deirdre also advanced her video shooting and editing skills, becoming a proficient user of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

She most recently completed an 18 month stint as dual editor of design and architecture news website DesignDaily.co.nz (now idealog.co.nz/design) and business and sustainability news website Celsias.co.nz (now idealog.co.nz/sustain). Diving head first into complex issues associated with integrating sustainability into business, Deirdre met and worked with some of New Zealand’s true sustainability pioneers. Her weekly e-newsletter, filled with the latest Kiwi sustainability news, made its way into the inboxes of thousands of business members across the country.

As part of her role as Design Daily editor, Deirdre successfully launched the website and built it up to have a comprehensive database of New Zealand’s top designers and architects. Keeping abreast of the latest happenings in the design and architecture industries and working with key partners, including the Designers Institute of New Zealand, Deirdre composed compelling daily news content for the industry, culminating in a weekly e-newsletter. Both websites later translated into printed sections in Idelaog magazine, which Deirdre edited.

Whilst at the editorial helm of these websites, Deirdre also worked as a writer for award-winning marketing, media and advertising news website StopPress.co.nz. As well as sourcing, collating, writing and uploading stories for the site, Deirdre also filled in as editor on occasion.

Feature writing is a passion and one of Deirdre’s strong suits. Among the magazine’s she’s contributed features to are Idealog, New Zealand Marketing, New Zealand Weddings, a cover story for Element (New Zealand Herald monthly lift out magazine), New Zealand Heritage magazine and Volume.

Deirdre also has extensive experience in copywriting and has crafted content on a diverse range of topics, including fashion, marketing, sustainability and travel.

Contact: deirdre.mh.robert @ gmail.com